Street Map View Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Google Maps vs. HERE Maps Quick Comparison

You asked for it, now you're getting it. Right now. Right HERE. It's Google Maps versus HERE Maps from Nokia. Subscribe:

Building location-based apps with the Places API

Google Maps is powered by a global database of places, from the Moscone Center in San Francisco to the Potala Palace in Tibet. We'll show you how to build these places into your apps, including...

How to view "Street View" on Google Maps Android

Here's how to view street view on Google maps.

Top 10 tips for using Google Maps

Google Maps can do more than get you from Point A to Point B. Here are 10 of our favorite tips and tricks. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS

How to use "street view" with Google Maps on an Android phone

Here is an overview of the "Street View" feature from Google Maps. This is avaiable of course at, but it's cool to use on a smart phone too. Using the myTouch4G phone, I take...

Sky Map - Astronomy App for Android

Kevin Serafini, software engineer on the Sky Map team, demonstrates the updated Sky Map app for Android.

How to use Google street view

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Maps Shortcuts: Google Street View in iOS apps

In version 1.4 of the Google Maps SDK for iOS (, one of the most exciting features added was the ability to include Street View in your applications. In this Shortcut,...

OSMAnd Essentials Tutorial - How to download maps, use POIs, make favourites, navigate

This is a tutorial video, showing how to get ready for offline usage by download maps, and some basic use of OSMAnd. OSMAnd stands for Open Street Map for Android.

Aus Map: Street Directory App for iPhone and Android

Download the new app from for iPhone and Android: Aus Map. Giving you completely up to date maps from Melway, Sydway, Gold Coast Way, Brisway and much more, Aus Map...

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